Individualized medicine made for the specific needs of your patient. As a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) you can rest assure that the compounds we make are a quality product. Our staff is specially trained and equipped with the tools needed to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Compounds can help people who...

- Don't respond to commercially available medicine

- Need a specific strength that works for them

- Are looking for medicine without specific additives in products (lactose, gluten, dye)

- Are having difficulty swallowing oral medicine

- Need flavoring to make medicine tolerable

- Are looking for much more

Come and SEE the difference at our Raleigh location as we prepare compounds in an open layout. For more information on PCCA compounds click on the logo.

Helping Physicians and Patients to Achieve Positive Therapeutic Outcomes

We are dedicated to formulating creative, individualized, compounded medications that can improve compliance, maximize the potential for therapeutic success, and reduce the overall cost of pharmaceutical care.

We have the ability to help licensed medical providers in the following specialties with their compounding needs:

     - Allergy & immunology                    - Otolayngology

     - Dermatology                                  - Obstetrics & Gynecology

     - Dental                                            - Internal Medicine

     - Endocrinology                                - Family Practice

     - Rheumatology                                - Men's Health

     - Gastroenterology                           - Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

     - Podiatry & Wound Care                  - Ophthalmology

     - Infertility                                       - Urology

     - Neurology                                      - Veterinary Medicine

     - Pain Management                          - Hospice

     - Pediatrics                                      - Unavailable Medications

     - Hormone Replacement                  - And others

Be assured of competitive, affordable prices that make treatment possible and practical for patients.

Physician Benefits

     - Increase your Treatment Armamentarium and develop a highly satisfied patient base.

     - Distinguish your medical practice from that of other providers in your field of medicine and grow your practice.

     - Be assured of competitive, affordable prices that make treatment possible and practical for you and your patients.

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